Shobhaa De does a U-turn, calls Sonam Kapoor super hot

Sonam and Shobhaa De have buried the hatchet

Shobhaa De is known for getting into controversies for voicing her opinions about movies, actors, athletes and other celebrities. And she is not known to be the best of friends with actress Sonam Kapoor. The fiery author got into a war of words with actress Sonam Kapoor first in 2008, when she blogged about the actress’ sex appeal, or rather, the lack of it. Sonam had then responded by calling her “a 60-something porn writer”.

This was followed by another online feud in 2010, when the author tore apart Sonam’s film I Hate Luv Storys in her review and called Sonam “a lassie who lacks oomph”. Film’s director Punit Malhotra retorted with a tweet that called Shobhaa De a fossil who was getting no action and going through menopause, which Sonam retweeted (but later apologized).

It seems like they have forgotten their bad history, after all. While Sonam had recently lashed out on singer Abhijeet on Twitter after he called Shobhaa De a “besharam budhia” when she made some disparaging comments about Indian athletes, Shobhaa De also took a U-turn on her past statements and extended a hand of friendship to Sonam.

Inspired by an online campaign titled #ThingsDon’tJudge, Shobhaa decided to make amends with Sonam as she tweeted this.

Sonam wrote a blog for the campaign about how she harbored insecurities in her adolescence for her body weight and how in her early years of acting she was constantly judged for her beauty.

Well, you don’t get to see celebrities admitting they were wrong in the past on a public platform everyday!