Sushi Burger? What’s that?

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Move over ramen noodle burger . . . and sushi! If you are hungry, and can’t decide between Japanese cuisine’s most popular export and the junk food king, try combining both!

Surprised? Don’t be. Sushi burger is the latest foodie fad—thousands of posts of mouth-watering variants of the dish flooded social media platforms last month.

The process to make the burger is the same—traditional burger fillings like meat or fish patty doused with mayonnaise and barbecue sauce and placed between rice layers shaped as buns. The veggie version consists of a potato patty, cheese, pickled veggies and lettuce. The vegan burger filling boasts a delectable combination of jackfruit, avocado, veggies soaked in vinegar and mayo! And, of course, there’s the traditional Japanese sushi filling of raw tuna, avocado, cucumbers, sashimi and wasabi.

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But how does one eat this scrumptious and messy merger? Chop stick or forks? We hope the fad hits the Indian market soon! Come on, stop drooling over the picture already!

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