The Boys Are Back

The Band of Boys

The country’s much popular first all-boys Inipop band, the Band of Boys is back. Known for their chart-topping songs like ‘Meri Neend Udd Gayi Hai’, ‘Gori’, Chintu Bhosle aka Chin2, Karan Oberoi, Sherrin Varghese and Sudhanshu Pandey have reuniting for the Mumbai Ballard Estate Festival, after a gap of almost over one decade.

Live music has always been their forte, says Chin2. “We had been talking about reuniting for a while now. In fact, we never split up as a band ever, just that we did not release enough music. Subsequently, each member got busy with their personal musical journeys and the band took a backseat, leading to the unscheduled break. Then the idea of being part of this music festival came along, we discussed it and decided to make it the start point of our next step as a band,” says the singer, who is currently doing live shows in Hindi and Marathi with his grandmother Asha Bhosle.

The band already has a couple of gigs booked for February and an album is in the offing. “Our album will be out very soon and we are also pursuing a project that is very dear to our hearts as a band. We hope to launch it within a month,” says Karan, who has recently released a single ‘Challa’ with Eros Music. The singer is confident that the band will be able to reconnect with the audience even after such a long gap.

The Band of Boys Jamming in Mumbai
The Band of Boys Jamming in Mumbai

Sherrin says if responses to the announcement of reuniting are anything to go by, they are glad that people who grew up with their music still feel warmly about them. “In fact, one of the major reasons we are also making this comeback is because of the constant reminders from people during our solo shows that we are missed as a band and should do this as soon as possible,” says Sherrin, who recently did a single ‘Madhuram Malayalam’ in collaboration with Kerala Tourism.

The band members say they write music that resonates with them, keeping in mind the new sounds. “I think the vibe that we share as friends, finds its way to our audiences at our live gigs,” says Sudhansu, the actor-singer who is currently shooting for ‘Samrat Ashoka’ on Colours.

Sherrin, Chin2, Karan and Sudhanshu of Band of Boys
Sherrin, Chin2, Karan and Sudhanshu of Band of Boys

Formed in 2001, Band of Boys was a five-member band with Sherrin, Sudhanshu, Karan, Chin2 and Siddharth Haldipur.

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