The teenage transgender who broke the barriers of taboo

Image courtesy: Indiatimes

It may not be always easy for a teenager to come out in public to make a bold statement about his or her sexual identity. But then meet 17-years-old Naina who has become a new cultural paradigm by coming out public about her sexual identity.

Today she is the youngest bold and beautiful transgender. In 2015, Naina marched up-to the school assembly stage and declared her sexual identity before her whole school.

She grew up as a boy by the name Krishna who always had his feminine leanings. If she is Naina today that is because her past self battled suicidal tendencies and depression successfully.

In a recently uploaded Youtube video Naina says that she has received supports from friends and family – especially from her mother Mishi, when she decided to open up before the world about her innate identity.

“While there will be those ten odd people who will ask me these random questions and tell me that being transgender is unnatural, I just go and talk to my friends who really just love me…I have a lot of support. The do not treat me differently, they treat me the same. They treat me just like any other girl which is what I love,” she says in the YouTube video.

In the video below she speaks about her difficult journey till day and the popular issues by the transgender fraternity.

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