Bookniture: This book unfolds into furniture

Image courtesy: Bookniture

How much can you stretch your imagination in terms of home furnishing? Not this much, I suppose. Turning a book into laptop table, a foot-rest and a nightstand – quite a cool idea right?

A book turned into a furniture is what makes a Bookniture – a highly compact furniture that you can carry around like a book. When unfolded, it becomes a quick setup in multiple ways, as long as you don’t limit your imagination!

Bookniture is idea of Mike Mak, a Hong Kong based designer. Mike has explained how he got the idea of this innovative furniture: “I love having friends at my place, but have never had enough seats for everyone. My guests and I would always end up just sitting on the floor. One day however, the empty space on my bookcase and the honeycomb sample (received during a furniture fair) caught my eyes. Then came the spark of a new idea: BOOKNITURE!”

Once the idea caught him, Mike began to study different materials and structural designs to find out the right type of paper, specific machines, toolings, and the dimension of the honeycomb structure to produce the furniture in large scale.

Watch this video: