This floating cloud is actually a speaker and a lamp

Image Courtesy: theverge

Have you ever caught yourself staring at the clouds, tripping over them? Perhaps, when you were traveling in a train, looking into the sky through the window or when you were on a plane catching a glimpse of the clouds passing by. But what if you had a cloud in your home and incidentally enough it could play music?

A couple of years ago, Richard Clarkson made the smart cloud, a realistic looking cloud-shaped speaker and lamp. It designed to have flickering lights, to make it appear like a thunder storm and would also illuminate as a regular lamp.

As real as it looked, it still had to be hung from a ceiling or something with a chord, which was a bit of a downer. However, this year the updated model can float like a real cloud and it does so using magnetic levitation technology created by Crealev.

The newest version of magic cloud simply looks magical, floating within 4 walls emitting light and top it, it plays music via bluetooth. But, chances are not everyone is going to be able to afford it, as it is reportedly priced at a  whopping $3,360, that’s more than 2 lacks.  Perhaps, it was meant to be a luxury product. You can catch a glimpse of the floating speakers below: