This special cocktail will put the bang into your Holi

Drinks, the new cocktail bar on MG Road, Bangalore, hasn’t made a lot of noise – yet . But it serves up what must surely be some of the best cocktails in town. The man behind the bar is Alfonso del Portillo, who is a Spaniard from the Basque region, and passionate about making cocktail hour memorable for his customers. Don’t forget the Spanish own the delightful tradition of tapas and drinks.

His Negroni is spectacular and he also whips up a mean Whisky Sour. Informed that India bursts into colourful celebrations for Holi, Alfonso has created a festive cocktail that captures the very spirit of the festival. And he’s christened it Banaras Bang. It’ll make you very happy indeed, but it doesn’t contain any bhang!

Alfonso del Portillo

Banaras Bang

by Alfonso del Portillo

30 ml Vodka
30 ml chocolate liqueur
60 ml almond milk
5 ml cream
10 ml sugar syrup
2 dashes rose water
2 cardamom seeds


Pour the almond milk into a shaker.
Then pour in the cream.
Mix in the vodka, chocolate liqueur and sugar syrup.
Shake well with ice and pour through a strainer.
Add rose water and cardamon seeds at the end.