This transgender pop band hitting back on the country’s prejudices one song at a time

Image Courtesy: ibnlive

India’s first transgender pop band created waves across the globe after they released their first single Hum Hain Happy— a cover of Pharrell Williams’s popular number Happy (2013).  

Released back in January, the video picked up over a million within the first week.Since then, the  6 Pack Band has come far releasing more singles, using music to confront the country’s prejudices  against them.

Bhavika Patil, Fida Khan, Chandrika Suvarnakar, Asha Jagtap, Ravina Jagtap, and Komal Jagtap, who together make up the 6 Pack Band have been bringing to light the kind of discrimination and alienation, the minority group goes through.

Despite Supreme Court’s rule in 2014 that granted equal rights to the third gender, conditions have not improved much. Many of them are exiled from their families,  forced into begging, prostitution and dancing at weddings.

The members of the 6 Pack Band look to make a difference, to change people’s mindsets and towards transgenders. They themselves come from troubled childhoods and this is where they get their talent from.  

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