Viral videos: How Bollywood actors transformed for their roles in upcoming films

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Remember how the late Heath Ledger spent months breaking down The Joker simply to live the character in The Dark Knight? Some even believe that his efforts may have affected him mentally and eventually thrown him into depression which later caused his death.

Some of our desi stars too believe in giving a role their 100 per cent. A few film-makers recently posted videos of the process of transformation of their actors to generate interest in their films. Of course, these videos have gone viral and they’ve certainly grabbed OUR attention!

1. Shah Rukh Khan in FAN: When Yash Raj Films shared the footage of how Shah Rukh Khan transformed into a 25-year-old Gaurav for his film Fan, we realized that film-shoots aren’t as pretty as they seem. International make-up artist Greg Cannom and other members of the crew combined prosthetics with VFX to make the actor look younger.

2. Shahid Kapoor in Udta Punjab: Shahid transformed from a suave star to a drug-addict rock star for his role as Tommy Singh in Udta Punjab. We’ve never seen Shahid this way—long messy hair, sporting bling and a don’t-give-a-damn attitude. A praiseworthy transformation, we say!

3. Salman Khan in Sultan: Salman Khan underwent major physical transformation and gained a lot of weight for his role as a Haryanvi wrestler. He even brought in an international stunt choreographer Hans Marrero to train for the role and direct the action sequences.

4. Alia Bhatt in Udta Punjab: Alia Bhatt’s first-look in Udta Punjab might not have earned her as many accolades as Shahid Kapoor’s Tommy-Singh-look did. But Balaji Motion Pictures released a footage that showed how she turned from the cute, sassy actress to a Bihari migrant with tanned skin, messy hair and weary eyes. Alia even picked up the nuances of the Bihari dialect.

5. Deepika Padukone in XXX Return Of Xander Cage: Deepika Padukone will soon make her Hollywood debut as the lead actress opposite Vin Diesel. Here’s a footage that shows the actress sweating it out for the perfect hot-bot for her role.

Let’s hope that these videos help the films garner more numbers at the box office!

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