Viral vidoes: Fabulous covers of the Game of Thrones’ theme

To celebrate the launch of season 6 of the Game Of Thrones, we look at the top covers of the opening theme of the hit series. The theme, originally composed by Ramin Djawadi, is too mesmerizing not to be hummed!

To begin with, Mumbai-based percussionist Karan Chitra Deshmukh’s tabla cover of the theme song went viral! Have you watched it yet?

Other famous covers on the internet:

This one! It sends shivers down our spines!

How about this one, eh? We really want to quit what we’re doing in life to learn to play the violin! So beautiful!

And Boyce Avenue’s cover is equally marvellous!

Mumbai bids farewell to Lord Ganesha in GOT style! Mind = Blown!

Maybe Karan Chitra and these guys should jam someday!

This bagpipe cover by The Snake Charmer is pretty damn sweet!

Even the Queen wakes up to the GoT’s theme song! Such cool guards!

A flawless a-capella cover! Oh . . . and the singers themselves turn into white walkers.

When the cat sings it, you’d better take it seriously!