Want a body like Shakira or Jennifer Lopez? Try these five sensual dance workouts

Image source: pixshark.com

So the holiday season just breezed through – parties, eating, merry making, drinking and no gym! Sigh! Wish life was a roll as this one was; and wish mosquitoes could suck out the belly fat instead of our precious blood. But hey, wait up! If you really aren’t the gym Goddess – dancing is for you.

Here are top 5 sensual workout dance plans that would help shed the flab and transform you into FAB! Check them out.

Stilletos dance

Say goodbye to those sneakers, pack them up and let them rest. Bring out the inner diva in you, because girl you got to rock in those stilletos and dance – sweaty and sexy. Across the globe you’d find plenty of studios offering fitness classes such as this one- so heels aren’t meant for the nightclubs only – another reason why you should go shoe shopping today. Rock in those heels like J.Lo did last summer – gain the booty she has too! Think Madonna in Girls Gone Wild, and think the connoisseurs of this dance cum workout form – Kazaky!


Work your core darlings, and relive the days gone by – remember the hoops? Core muscles would be stretched and strengthened, helping the cardiovascular system with strong endurance capabilities too. The body would be put into motion, while the hoop is on and in full-swing. You get to swivel your hips and also move the hoop through your arms and legs – sounds fun right? This is a total body workout, and you’d be loving yourself more!

Belly dancing

Shakira showed us how, now it is your turn to make those hips talk the truth. Switch on your CD player and let’s get started. Belly dancing to the beats of the drums and burning calories at the same time sounds like fun – a healthy way to lose belly fat and weight too, and it is sensually suggestive too. Grab your beau to help you or a close friend possibly for the routine – shimmer and shine in nice costumes, while your stomach, the abs and the butt gets its dose of workout.

Pole Dancing

Dreamt of being Demi Moore someday? Well, now you can and have her body type too. Those long legs, the way her hips swooned and moved, and the pole dance thereafter – you have got to have a partner to do this – solo is fun too. Play your favourite song, get hold of a stationed pole dancing studio and you’re good to begin.

Lap dancing

Says who that you cannot do this at home to look sexy, feel sexy and blow his mind away? Girl, the body you’d have after a couple of routines – priceless. So keep the eye contact going, wear something comfy and sensual, get the lights dimmed and no hiding yourself – banish all those rules and have fun. It is a dance routine that helps stretch the muscles, the glutes and the legs.