Shopperazzi: Wanted to give her the moon, but I settled for the sun, instead!

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Be it for Christmas, birthdays or for weddings, trawling the shops for that perfect gift can often be a pain in the neck. The pain is doubled if the gift is for that someone special.  That said, the joy of gifting is immeasurable, especially if that exasperating hunt preceding it ends in a ‘buy’.

So it was that, I was on a short sojourn to London and my sister’s birthday came by. I scoured the departmental stores to grab something special for her but without luck. It was then that my hubby suggested I try “wasting” a few hours in Amazon too!

And eureka..he was right! This is what I found!

Yes, I bought her a piece of the sun.

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A sun jar, which is apparently a piece of the sun itself.  It is basically a solar-powered lamp that can definitely add a lot of warmth and texture to your interiors. Just place it near the window, forget about it; and come dusk, you have a resplendent living room.

You heard me right, the device features light sensors and it gets automatically switched on when it is dark.

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Interesting, huh? The lamp is available in three different colours, viz., amber, blue and pink.  The frosted jar serves to hide the content of the jar and diffuses the light, so as to make it look natural and ethereal.

Perfect for mood-lighting, the device can be used outdoors too as it is waterproof.  It takes three hours to fully charge the device to emit light continuously for five hours.

Nevertheless, winters are all bad news for these jars as it needs direct sunlight to recharge its battery. However, if the sun isn’t temperamental at you home, don’t have to think twice before buying it.

The sun jars are available at amazon, fabfurnish and shopping.rediff among other online websites at prices ranging from ₹999 to ₹5040. Worth every penny, if you ask me.