16 reasons why you should follow The Rock on instagram, NOW

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Girls, who still kiss the TV screen each time they see The Rock, and guys, who continue to have a huge poster of the wrestler-actor on their bedroom wall, here are 16 reasons why you should follow Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on Instagram RIGHT NOW:

1. Because… he shows you how to love your daughter.

2. Because… he loves his pets and the pets love him too.

3. Because… he will teach your pup that only a bad boy sticks out his tongue.

4. Because… he gives you better ways to hug him (and sleep).

5. Because…like a fashion guide, he tells you what not to wear on Christmas

6. Because… like a true mentor, he shows you how not to make a debut

7. Because… we love the way he readily gives in to this lady in his signature eyebrow game.

8. Because… he shows you it takes exactly two to tango. Three cheers for granny! Plus, you get to know how to flaunt your tattoo.

#Tbt In Samoan culture there's a very special dance called the "Taualuga" where we, as men honor the women by dancing around them out of love and great respect. On my grandmother's 80th birthday she danced her Taualuga while I proudly danced around her while she laughed and beamed with pride. She had the greatest birthday and her smile was from ear to ear. My grandmother, Lia Maivia was a strong willed, highly respected and tough pioneer in the world of pro wrestling, becoming wrestling's first successful female promoter. But when we hit hard times and my family was evicted, shortly after that my grandmother became homeless. When I finally could afford it I bought her a place of her very own that she LOVED! I always asked after that, "Grandma are you happy?" To which she'd call me by my Samoan name and say, "Tuifeai I'm so happy.. thank you.. oh and can you please sing that song I like.." Ha! I'd start singin' away (off key of course) and she'd laugh and smile from ear to ear. A few months after this picture was taken my grandma passed away peacefully in her sleep. I know we all experience loss and it's so tough to deal with… but I'm forever grateful for the one of kind life lessons only grandma's can teach us. Miss you grandma and I hope you hear me cause I'm still quietly singin' away to you.. Misiga tele 'oe Grandma, alofa tele atu mo 'oe.

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9. Because… he proves that morning shows the day.

I first met my hero and friend, Muhammad Ali when I was 6yrs old in New Zealand. He pretended to spar with me and pulled me up on his lap to take this pic. In that moment, his kindness made me the happiest kid in the world… Met him again at 24yrs old and he pulled me in for a hug and whispered, "Can you rumble?". In 1998, as The Rock in the WWE, he granted me the true honor of using his title, "The People's Champ" – a title I proudly carry for life. That said, I'm so happy to announce that the champ himself has just joined us on Instagram… I've put together a short welcome video (with my partners @rootsoffight). Go check out @muhammadali and show some love to The Greatest Of All Time. Welcome to Instagram champ! #ThankUForBeingSoKindToMeAsAKid #NeverForgotIt #NothingIsImpossible #YouAreTrulyThePeoplesChamp

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10. Because… the People’s Champ lets you win. And that makes him the real champ :)

11. Because… he shows you how to shoo people away when there are too many of them disturbing you while you are practising piano.

12. Because…he tells you what all you should ideally not do when you’re 15: Click a pic in your knickers, and not delete that pic, etc.

13. Because… he teaches you how to wish ‘Happy Easter’!

Happy Easter! #BringingSheksheeBack

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14. Because… he shows you how much hair is too much.

15. Because… he lets you in on the secret that how he went on to become a Scorpion King.  One fine morning, he was accidentally bitten by a crustacean when he was trying to cook it! You know, Spiderman aka Tobey Maguire took a cue from him!

Rock Lobster. #TBT #RollingStonePhotoShoot #IFeelNoPain #Ever #OkMaybeALittle

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16. Because… most importantly, if you are from Bangalore, he may shake hands with you and tell the world about it too.

Man, you totally rock it !

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