Attukal Pongala: 8 things to know

Attukal Pongala which has entered the Guinness Book of World Records is an annual festival of Attukal temple in Kerala’s state capital – Thiruvananthapuram. During the festivity women from various parts of the nation and abroad converge in Thiruvananthapuram to offer Pongala to the presiding deity.

On the 23rd of February this year, more than 40 lakh women devotees, regardless of their caste or affiliation with any faith, are expected to assemble in the streets of Thiruvananthapuram for taking part in the mega event.

Here are 8 things one has to know before Attukal Pongala.


Pongala is a sweet dish made in earthen pots, characteristically consists of rice porridge, sweet brown molasses, coconut gratings, nuts and raisins. It is offered as an oblation to the temple deity, Attukal Bhagavati.


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