Bollywood has the perfect response for Shobhaa De’s Rio comment

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Shobhaa De has always unabashedly spoken her mind, and her strong statements have often stirred up a controversy. From pulling down Marathi cinema, to saying that Deepika Padukone is not even worth winning Miss Dombivali contest; from her insensitive remark on Gopinath Munde’s death, to body-shaming the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton – the author-cum-columnist-cum-social commentator has reigned as the queen of controversies.

De recently mocked Indian athletes at the Rio Olympics, drawing flak from people yet again.

As expected, she drew Twitterati’s ire due to this distasteful comment. Some athletes gave a not-so-gracious reply to her condescending remark for the Indian contingent. What’s more, even Bollywood celebrities gave her a befitting response with their tweets. Here’s what Bollywood celebrities had to say to Shobhaa De.  

Actress Kangana Ranaut slammed the author for her “disheartening” remark. When Kangana was asked to comment on the matter at a recent press conference, she said, “It is a very disturbing thing to say to people, who are representing us. It can also be a very personal opinion but being such a credible author and a powerful woman who people look up to, for someone like that saying this is disheartening.” She added, “It is not a good news, for sure. I hope our athletes don’t get disheartened ans we need to do our best.”

Sushant Singh Rajput also took a jibe at the author when he was asked about her “horrible” comment during the trailer launch of MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. He told the media, “People have a strong opinion just because they want to come across as somebody who knows everything.”

Looks like this controversy is not going to die down anytime soon.

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