Indian techie from Bengaluru missing after Brussels terror attack

Image Courtesy: Twitter

Raghavendran Ganeshan—an Indian Techie  who works for Infosys in Brussels—is reportedly missing since the Brussels attacks on Tuesday.

According to the Times of India (TOI), Raghavendran Ganeshan’s mother said that he usually took the metro train to work and that they haven’t been able to contact him.

External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj said in a tweet that Indian authorities are now searching for the Indian techie.

“The last time I spoke on Skype to him was around 12.31 p. m. Indian standard time and we spoke till about 1.25 p. m. on Tuesday. Then he told me that he is leaving for work,” said Annapoorni to TOI.

“Initially, the news said the blast took place at the airport and then they said metro lines were attacked as well. When we tried to contact him, he was unreachable. Then we contacted one of his colleagues, but he said Raghavendran hadn’t come to work,” she added to TOI.

Raghavendran has been working for Infosys in Brussels since four years. His wife flew down to Chennai to deliver their baby in February.

The external affairs minister Sushama Swaraj had tweeted on Wednesday, “We are doing our best to locate Raghavendran Ganesh.”

According to TOI, an official statement from Infosys read, “Following the attacks in Brussels, Infosys reached out to all its employees in the city to ascertain their whereabouts and safety. With the exception of one employee who we are trying to reach, we have been able to connect with all other employees. We are in touch with the missing employee’s family and are working with the Indian Embassy and local authorities in Brussels to locate our employee on priority.”

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