Prithviraj wanted to trash my songs—says music director Ramesh Narayanan

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This year’s Kerala State Film Awards continues to produce more controversies even after the ceremony has ended. Music director Ramesh Narayanan, who won the Kerala State Film Award for the best music director, said in a statement that lead actor Prithviraj tried to keep out his award-winning songs from ‘Ennu Ninte Moideen’.

“The actor had said that the songs I composed for the film were only of academic level. He suggested the removal of the songs from the film. Now it has been proved that there is God. The award is seen as a reply to Prithviraj who had insulted me,” the music director said to Manorama News.

Ramesh Narayanan claimed that R S Vimal, the director of the film, had persuaded him to convince Prithviraj to sign up as the lead actor. He also claimed that he suggested the title ‘Ennu Ninte Moideen’ for a film idea that he had discussed with Kanchanamala who had visited him at his house.

“I came to know about Prithvi’s suggestion from film director R S Vimal. Malayalam films are losing good songs these days due to interferences from actors like Prithviraj.

The actor didn’t like P Jayachandran singing the song ‘Sharadambaram’. He even asked the director to remove Jayachandran from rendering that song but my timely intervention aborted that move,” Ramesh Narayanan said to Kaumudi.

He added, “Prithviraj didn’t like all three songs directed by me. He was adamant on changing the studio and removing my songs from the film. The songs were already composed five years ago during the initial phase of the production. All the crew members know about this.”

Ramesh also claimed that K J Yesudas was very disappointed after his song wasn’t included in the film.

However, R S Vimal rubbished the claims. “Ramesh Narayanan’s statements do not deserve any response. I do not want to react to such cheap and illogical allegations,” he said to Manorama News.

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