Sacked airline staffer allegedly destroys ex-boss’ million-dollar aircraft

Image courtesy: Youtube

A fired employee’s fury is like a visit to hell. There may or may not exist a ‘right’ reaction towards an employer who sacked one probably for the wrong reason. But how about THIS for a reaction?! Of course, he was handed the pink slip earlier. 

This disgruntled ex-employee allegedly destroyed his former boss’ carrier using heavy machinery. And he even posted the video of his ‘feat’ on YouTube which immediately went viral.

In the footage, the former employee of the Russian airline UTair rips apart one of the million-dollar aircraft using an excavator! The video has over 3 lakh views and counting. 

However, several reports also claim that it is possible that the plane was defunct and just meeting its fate. Old planes are often dismantled and sold in parts. So the man in the excavator might just have been doing his job. 

Watch the video

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