The ultimate man’s guide to being the perfect dinner date

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Men, love is in the air and you’re thinking dinner dates that will sweep her off her feet and win her over once and for all. If it’s your first dinner date or your still in the will-she-won’t-she stage of your romance, it really pays to know what women find irresistible: the perfect dining companion and dinner date. Here are the dos and don’ts you simply cannot afford to ignore:

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Pick the right restaurant

It doesn’t have to be the priciest restaurant in town, but the Kati roll joint down the road from your place won’t do either. Choose a restaurant that’s stylish without being pretentious and fits into your budget. Outdoor seating is great for romance. If she has a favourite cuisine, that might help narrow down your choices.

Make a reservation

Book in advance, asking for the best table in the house. It just won’t do to land up at the restaurant and find you have to wait for half an hour. Or, worse, be seated at a table that’s too close to the loos.

Dress up, a little

If it’s a special date, take the trouble to be turned out right. No flip-flops, please. Smell nice, but don’t empty half of your Davidoff Cool Water on your body, either.

Let her choose

Ensure she has her copy of the menu first. If you know the restaurant well, offer suggestions, but don’t push it. Saying ‘order the oysters’ with a wink-wink, just makes you look desperate.

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Don’t order messy food

Spaghetti is not a great idea no matter how much you like Italian, because it’s bound to end up on your white linen shirt. Crab Masala? Perish the thought.

Get the drinks right

Go for the champagne, by all means, but don’t show off. If you order wine, taste without fuss. A sip and a nod should do it. There’s no need for too much sniffing and swirling. Don’t try too hard to impress. If craft beer is what you both enjoy, order that. If she doesn’t like the way her cocktail tastes, be prepared to get something else for her.

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Keep pace with her

It’s important to keep pace with your date through the meal. Don’t wolf down your appetizer and get fidgety while she finishes hers.

Make great conversation

This is not the occasion to brag about what a killing you made on the stock market, or how badly your last relationship ended. Keep a light touch, think of interesting things to say, draw her out, make her laugh. If you make great table talk, be assured your evening will be declared a triumph. At least, that’s how it goes for the smart women.

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Don’t skip dessert

Don’t say ‘No dessert for me, but you go ahead’ and hold forth on your gym routine. There’s nothing nicer than a luscious dessert to round off a mellow evening.

Treat wait staff nicely

Don’t snap your fingers at the waiter, or talk down to him. Don’t be irritable if a dish takes a little longer to arrive than you expected. You’re on a romantic date, remember?

Pay the bill

Pay for the dinner, even if the girl insists. You should find ways to resist her. Tip generously, too, especially if you plan to return to the restaurant.

Say no to coffee

Skip the coffee. You do want to give her the opportunity to ask you in for a night cap when you drop her home, don’t you?

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