7 Indian Twitter handles that are sure to blow your mind every day

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140 characters can be more powerful than it seems, so powerful that even Gaalis, sarcasm and direct digs on absolutely anyone and everyone, are totally acceptable, and at times, even appreciated. Check out 7 Twitter Handles that are guaranteed to keep you scrolling.

 Stereotypewriter – @babumoshoy

His twitter handle has been aptly named, as he does stereotype most people, objects, things and situations. However, he does make really smart digs at politicians, has some pretty funny movie reviews and funny tweets in general.

Ramesh Srivats – @rameshsrivats 

Ramesh has got a huge fan following, his tweeting style is ‘News Humor’, a great source of information with a funny twist to it. He also tweets some pretty nice jokes at times.

RoflIndian 2.0 – @Roflindian

This guy’s twitter handle sounds like he’s in beta mode, anyway, he’s tweets about diverse things, news and movie reviews primarily. A nice Twitter Handle to follow, it’s also got a mix of Hindi tweets, pictures and videos.

Khap Panchayat – @KhapPanchayat

This guy is a must follow if you want to read absurd superstitions, cultural/caste/gender biases and some of the absurd laws of India being sarcastically targeted with a funny twist to it.

Suhel Seth – @suhelseth

Suhel Seth takes on politicians, celebrities and people in power head on with his tweets, they’re mostly bold, sarcastic and usually with a message or a POV to it. Suhel Seth is a no-nonsense tweep with a great sense of humor.

Markandey Katju – @mkatju

Justice Markandey Katju is former Judge, Supreme Court of India; and former Chairman, Press Council of India. This is as serious as it gets, in his tweets he doesn’t mind naming people and the stuff they’ve done. Direct insults, candid digs, usually laced with underlying anger and sarcasm is his forte. He also founded the word “Pollistitutes“. Hmmmm…. We wonder what it means.

Kamaal R Khan – @kamaalrkhan

Actor/Producer/Critic. Kamaal R Khan’s twitter handle is extremely entertaining and insightful, his logic is simple – Grammar no bar, party no bar, celebrity no bar, Gaali no bar, he doesn’t even spare the news channels and the press. Check it out.

So, that’s our list of awesome twitter handles to follow, if you have come across a few more, do put them down in the comments below and we’ll add them to the list.

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