Bear riding Harley attacks Leonardo Dicaprio

Image Courtesy: Facebook

The Oscars never fail to thrill, year after year. A brown bear attacked Leo right before he reached for his Oscar, incapacitating him.

Sadly, with Avengers on strike for Samuel Jackson’s exclusion and DC comics super heroes fighting over super-girl, no one was present at the venue who could save Leo from the attack.

While police are yet to release an official report of the event, Lady Gaga said she saw the bear riding off in a motor bike and claimed it was a victim of cruelty and humiliation.

Leonardo was transferred to a hospital nearby in Kevin Hart’s car. Kevin later told reporters that “It’s not just Black lives that matter, it’s the rich lives that actually matter.”

While the whole incident was underway, Chris Rock was seen playing mahjong tiles with three Asian kids who thought he was Bugs Bunny’s elder brother.

Curtis James Jackson III aka 50 cents, who was not present at the Oscars as he couldn’t afford a tux told us in a telegram that “Leo deserved it, only black lives matter.”

Though it is still unclear where the bear rode off to in a customized Harley, some claim it to be the act of Mystique who was seen at the scene in her Jennifer Lawrence attire. Professor X is yet to make a public appearance or statement after the incident.

Image Courtesy: Twitter
Image Courtesy: Twitter

While mystery about the bear attack at the awards still remains unsolved,  people seem to be more interested to know if James McAvoy or Patrick Stewart would make the public appearance as Professor X.

Sherlock Holmes was not available to comment on the situation while Moriarty said the bear would have done a better job, had it consulted him first.

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