Farhan Akhtar did something special for this Friendship Day and it will make you miss your friends

Image courtesy: Facebook.com

Farhan Akhtar is perhaps the most versatile person in Bollywood today. An actor, producer, director, writer, and even a singer, Farhan has sang songs for all his films since his Rock On days. Although he was recently trolled on social media for his raspy voice and ‘inability’ to sing well, the hatred from some fans hasn’t deterred him from doing what he loves to do.

As an ode to all friends and to celebrate Friendship Day, Farhan sang a popular song from his movie WazirYaari – while his friend strummed the guitar and posted it on his Facebook. And within minutes, this video went viral, with many hits and shares.

Farhan’s song will definitely leave you mesmerized and make you miss your friends! Watch the video here.

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