‘India First’ says Mohanlal. Trolls call him ‘Sanghi’

Image courtesy: Mohanlal's Facebook page

Malayalam movie star Mohanlal who took his opinions on JNU controversy to public domain has been trolled and criticized by social ‘pundits’.

In his official blog he contrasted the absurdity of eulogizing anti-India elements at a time when members of Indian security forces are unconditionally laying down their life for ensuring the national safety.

The actor pointed out the sacrifice of Lance Naik Sudheesh who died in Siachen-avalanche before even he could have a glimpse of his newborn girl. He opined that at this juncture there is nothing more ‘shameful’ than people entering into abominable debates that define patriotism of the citizens.

Lt. Colonel Mohanlal of the Indian Territorial Army Image credit: thecompleteactor.com
Lt. Colonel Mohanlal of the Indian Territorial Army
Image credit: thecompleteactor.com

Mohanlal who has received an honorary Lieutenant Colonel rank in territorial army, suggested that parents should take special care to educate their wards about the rich culture of the nation in order to prevent them from raising vilifying slogans against the country in future.

“We portray anti-nationals as the champions of creative freedom in India. We need fireplace or whisky to overcome the cold during  nights. We vehemently indulge in debates thereafter. After that we again crawl into our quilts. Even in that hour of the night, there will be many Hanumanthappas and Sudheeshs  guarding our border from infiltrators. They will not lose their presence of mind even in adverse and extreme climatic situations,” he observed.

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The actor thus questioned the ‘hypocrisy’ of the people who enjoy all benefits of life as Indian citizens. He concluded by saying that discussions which are not healthy and are detrimental to the larger interest of the nation and its democracy are insults to the country.

Concoction of Patriotism and dissent against government dangerous, Says Director Vinayan

Malayalam movie director Vinayan, after reading Lal’s blogpost, asked why the protest slogans against the government in universities were construed as anti-India sentiments.

Image Courtesy: Facebook/Vinayan TG
Image Courtesy: Facebook/Vinayan TG

“Media reacted to the intentions behind the jailing of students in JNU. Proof of political exploitation of incident under garb of sedition charges was exposed….this should not be mixed with patriotism. Mohanlal’s argument will only aid the political exploiters,” said Vinayan.

Meanwhile, the actor’s discourse on the fiasco provoked the online trolls too.

Dubbing Lal as the agent of right wing political exploiters, trolls came heavily down on him in social media platforms. Trolls associated him with Sangh Parivar and RSS which allegedly have hidden agendas.

Image Courtesy: Facebook
Image Courtesy: Facebook
Image Courtesy: Facebook
Image Courtesy: Facebook


They also showed no mercy in taking digs at the actor who previously had landed in tax evasion case, which in itself was anti-national in nature. Trolls also pulled up an old income tax raid incident when smuggled ivory was confiscated from his house.

Image Courtesy: Facebook
Image Courtesy: Facebook

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