4 super easy stay-at-home exercises to keep you in good shape this Christmas

You have absolutely no time to sweat it out at the gym to look your best for Christmas? Well, sweat not! We have a fix. We have great ideas for stay-at-home workouts that will burn those unwanted flabs and keep you in perfect shape and size.

Here’s the perfect 15-minute workout for you. All you need is your exercise mat and your dumbbells and you’re good to go. Rachita Subramani tells you how to do 4 simple exercises: the Burpee, the Mountain Climber, the Squat with Shoulder Press, and the Lateral Raise Lunge.

Go on, push yourself just that little bit. You just need 15 minutes a day to get that perfectly toned abs, legs, arms and shoulders.

And here’s a beautiful you!

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