PIL filed against ‘Pokemon Go’ as it shows eggs in worship places

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A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed in the Gujarat High Court against developers of the location-based augmented reality game Pokemon Go, raising ridiculous allegations.

According to the plaintiff, the game hurts religious sentiments of ‘certain communities by showing eggs in places of worship.

The PIL filed by Alay Anil Dave would be considered by the court on Thursday. According to reports a division bench in the Gujarat HC by Chief Justice R Subhash Reddy and Justice Vipul Pancholi will consider the litigation.

According to the complaint, images of eggs appear in places of worship of different religious groups.

The petitioner substantiates his claims by underlining that eggs are considered as non- vegetarian food, and it is blasphemous to carry non-vegetarian food inside worship places of Hindus and Jains.

“People playing the game get their points in the form of eggs which generally appear in the places of worship of different religious groups. To find eggs in temples of Hindus and Jains is blasphemous, and therefore my client has sought ban on the game from the country,” petitioner’s lawyer Nachiket Dave was quoted by Press Trust of India.

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Infringement of the privacy of smart phone users and threat to life of gamer were the other points raised in the plaint.

San Francisco-based developer of the game, Niantic, Inc., and Central and state governments have been made the respondents.

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