These real flame candles can be controlled via smartphone

Image Courtesy: deccanchronicle

An US based company have come up with real flame candles that can be lit or extinguished using a smartphone, with no requirement for matches.

The smart candle uses Wi-Fire technology to offer safe and more aesthetically appealing way of burning candles.

“There’s nothing quite like the glow, smell, and ambiance of candles, but with it comes the fire risk, wax mess, hassles with wicks, and the time it takes to light and extinguish multiple candles,” said Jamie Bianchini, co-founder and CEO of LuDela, the company behind the smart candles.

The smart candles utilize 100% natural candle wax with no buried wicks and can be controlled via smartphone app. It also comes with child-lock app and extinguishes itself when tipped over.  

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