This globetrotting teaseller from Kerala tells you what drives you is wanderlust & not money

Like you, we too thought travel costs us dear until we met this tea-shop owner from Kochi. Yes, a teaseller who has gone to as many as 16 countries and still wants to see more!

It wouldn’t be hyperbolic to say Vijayan is that whiff of wild air that can whisk your mind away to wherever it wishes—from the serene waters of Kanyakumari to the deserts of Egypt and the heavenly greeneries of Switzerland— just like that lone quill getting carried away in the air with happy abandon.

But let’s come to reality. Can we ever have the luxury of being so carefree—just like that quill– and not think about the money and all the hassles that our wanderlust is going to cost us? Then we think of Vijayan!

You got to have that ‘craziness’ as he calls it.

This short film Invisible Wings featuring Vijayan will tell you where all madness can take you to! Jordan, Egypt, London, Paris, Switzerland, Venice, Singapore, Malaysia and, of course, India—he has seen it all. But that’s not enough for this sexagenarian.

He knows if he doesn’t open the shop for a day, he will lose Rs 2,000-3,000. He too knows those Rs 10-15 lakh that he spent on his whims could have fetched him a land or some other property. But “if money is our only concern, we will not be able to do anything,” so he believes.

And if you are still contemplating, with a few pennies in your hands, what will drive you? His concluding words are your fuel: “It is possible” he says with a flourish.

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