Veenu Paliwal, Lady of the Harley 2016, rode away the way she liked

Image Courtesy: Facebook

One of India’s top women bikers and Lady of the Harley 2016, Veenu Paliwal, expired in a road accident in Vidisha district in Madhya Pradesh on Monday evening.

44-year-old was on a nationwide tour on her Harley Davidson. She was riding with another biker Dipesh Tanwar.

Paliwal met with the accident after her bike went out of control on a turn where she skidded off the road near Gyaraspur about 100km from Bhopal.

She was rushed to a primary health centre and later to the Vidisha district hospital, where she was declared brought dead.

Paliwal and Tanwar were heading to Bhopal from Sagar when the accident took place.

Paliwal, a Jaipur resident, was known for her skills with the motorcycle which she initially learnt while in college. She was also famous for having driven the Harley Davidson bikes at 180kmph. She was planning to make a documentary on her nationwide bike journey.

According to Times of India, the police said that her family and friends have been informed and that they would be reaching Jaipur soon. The postmortem on Paliwal’s body would have taken place today morning.

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