Vijay’s Kaththi has a 100-day run: ‘whistle podu’ scenes from the hit film


Chance-e illa intro scene, punch dialogues, gravity-defying fights, plus romance and kalakkal comedy —Kaththi was the whole package. Watch the top moments from the film.


The Ilayathalapathy doesn’t just wander into the first scene; he arrives, crashing through walls, welding his way out of steel shutters and fighting impossible fights. In Katthi, A.R Murugadoss, who delivered Vijay’s previous hit, Thuppakki, has come up with a slightly different approach. Watch Vijay pull off a super clever prison break in the intro scene that sets the tone for the film.

Kaththi Sandai

Vijay has fought toughies, thugs, goons. This one’s different. Two women, posing as TV reporters, arrive to interview his character. What happens when one of them pulls out a sword concealed in the mic and attacks Vijay? Plenty of dishum-dishum with some comic interludes.

I am waiting

Vijay’s activist character rushes to save the residents of an old age home who are being attacked. High points of this scene include the way in which he evacuates the place with a wave of a hand. The villain calls and gives him the usual dialogue: If you care for your life run away. Big laugh in response and the line ‘I am waiting’ delivered in Vijay’s mass style. What a moment for the intermission!

Rousing sentiment

Vijay has taken on the might of the MNC. His last resort is to tell the world via the media what injustices are being heaped on a village and its people. His rousing address covers everything from farmer suicides to the depletion of our water bodies. Not a novel cinematic moment, but Vijay makes it convincing and from-the-heart.

Love in the airport

This Vijay character is a petty thief en route to Bangkok for massages et al. Encounters Samantha who plays wacky. Vijay’s flair for comedy is on display in this scene. And while you’re at it, tune in to the ‘Selfie Pulla’ song as well.