VIRAL: Govind Menon’s ‘Nagavalli’ Remix of Manichitrathazhu Background Score.

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Malayalam movie director Fazil’s recent revelation about the original dubbing artist of his iconic character ‘Nagavalli’ in the film ‘Manichitrathazhu’ has been in news for the last one week.

‘Nagavalli’ has got another new lease of life through the fingertips of ‘Thaikkudam’ Bridge fame Govind P Menon, who has remixed the background score of the movie.

Govind P Menon Image Courtesy: Facebook
Govind P Menon
Image Courtesy: Facebook

The background score of the movie, which has been remixed many times during the past several years, has been now given the touch of electronic rock and violin by Govind in the new version called ‘Nagavalli’.

By retaining the mystic feel of the original score which was composed by the late music director Johnson ‘Master’, Govind has done complete justice to it in the new version.


Govind released the new version to THE public through soundcloud on January 6.

Previously, singer Job Kurian had sung for a similar experiment in which the background score of the movie was combined with the song ‘Pazhamthamizh Paattizhayum’ from the same movie. The number had got him enormous number of fans in  Kerala.


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