What made Deepika Padukone cry in front of hundreds of people?

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It is no secret that Bollywood’s top actress today, Deepika Padukone, was battling clinical depression not long ago. The actress was among the first celebrities of the current generation to come out in the open and speak publicly about her mental health and how she fought a tough battle against depression.

Since then, Deepika started her own organization, Live Love Laugh foundation, to create awareness about depression and help people suffering from it. Recently, during the launch of a national public awareness campaign about mental health called Dobara Poocho, Deepika broke down in front of the media and audience while she spoke about her own fight against depression.

Deepika spoke to everyone present as she recollected a story and said, “Two years back, my family had come to see me. They were about to leave and I was alone in my bedroom, curled up. My mother walked in and asked if everything was ok, I said yes. She asked again if it was work or something else that was bothering me, I said no. She asked me so many times that I felt myself choking and I broke into tears.” She got teary-eyed as she added, “I want to tell my mother that if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. Thank you for being with me all through the way. Thank yo Thank you to my sister, my father and friends who supported me immensely.”

Deepika broke down in front of hundreds of people while thinking about her past, but today, she is undoubtedly the top actress in Bollywood, the highest paid actress in the Hindi film industry and will soon make her Hollywood debut in xXx: Return of Xander Cage opposite Vin Diesel.

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