Will Ramesh and Suresh give up 5 Star for Patanjali’s Super Star?

Image Courtesy: swa-deshi

Cadbury’s 5 Star has a new rival in Patanjali’s milk bar called Super Star.

The 5 Star might aid monetary memory loss—case in point . . . Ramesh and Suresh! It is quite the opposite when it comes to Super Star. It is essentially a cow’s milk bar, enriched with almonds and natural flavours. If anything, it might probably help you develop superhuman memory.

Indian people sure have taken a liking towards Patanjali products which are known to be pure and natural. The Indian FMCG company promoted by Baba Ramdev has managed to develop a significantly strong brand presence rather quickly—some rival companies might say a little too quickly.

There is still no news on whether Cadbury is terrified about Patanjali being up in its business. More importantly, will Ramesh and Suresh switch from the amnesia inducing  5 Star to the memory boosting Super Star?

Baba Ramdev’s beheading comment might not be the scariest thing after all—at least not for the foreign companies that think they have a market in India.

What’s next for Patanjali? Smartphones that offer extra pure android experience?

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