Amazon chief Jeff Bezos plays star-fleet official in ‘Star trek Beyond’

That's right. It's Jeff Bezos (right) playing cameo role Image courtesy: Twitter

Amazon’s boss Jeff Bezos who is also the world’s third richest man has landed a cameo role in the latest Star Trek movie which released today.

The billionaire founder and CEO of Amazon appears as a ‘Star-fleet Official’ in ‘Star Trek Beyond,’ as per the credits of the movie. Amazon confirmed Bezos’ appearance in the movie on Monday.

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Bezos is known to be a big fan of the Star Trek franchise and also runs a private space flight company – Blue Origin.

Bezos who has been listed in the credits as a ‘Star-fleet official’ and is also seen wearing a lot of makeup in the shot he appears in. Hence it is safe to assume that he playing an alien doing the job of a Starfleet official.

According to actor Chris Pine who playing the role of ‘Captain James T. Kirk’ recalls the Amazon-chief’s arrival on Star Trek Beyond’s set to had caused quite a stir. Speaking to Associated Press, Pine also said that Bezos’s entourage included nine body guards and three limousines.

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Beyond, the latest in the Star Trek franchise is produced by J.J. Abrams, who directed the two other movies in the series: Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness (2013). Gene Roddenberry launched the first series of Star Trek (The Original Series) in 1966.

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