Donald Trump’s hair is real, proves Jimmy Fallon

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Donald Trump is known for all things good and bad, but the biggest mysteries which surround the presidential candidate is about his ginger hair. People have wondered and voiced their concerns time and again that Trump wears a wig, having lost all his hair a few years ago.

However, popular late-night TV show host Jimmy Fallon debunked the wig rumors when Trump appeared as a guest on his show recently. On the latest episode of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Fallon did something we’ve all urged to do. Trump let Fallon aggressively tousle his hair to prove that it is indeed natural.

After speaking about the triumphs and falls of his presidential campaign so far, Fallon asked Trump the million dollar question – if he could mess up his hair and see if the mane was real. Surprisingly, Trump agreed and audiences got a never-seen-before moment of a person who may soon be the next President of the United States of America.

Trump had tweeted about his hair way back in 2013, saying, “I do not wear a wig. My hair may not be perfect, but it’s mine.”

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